Game Manual
Notice! The manual is NOT FINISHED! The information seen here cannot yet be guaranteed, and you should ask the community for clarifications in the meantime.


Mixed breeding is a very big part of mushing, both in real life and on GoneMushing! In real life, most champion sled dogs are mutts, and you will find that many successful mushers here breed mixed dogs as well. By breeding mixed dogs, you can breed dogs with different stat combinations, better stats, or absolutely anything you want to make your own ideal sled dog champions! But what if you have worked out a really awesome, unique line of dogs and you want to share them?

This is why GoneMushing has the option for players to create their own breed.

Sign me up, you say! Well, it's not that simple. Just like in real life, developing a breed is not instant, nor is it very fast or easy to do, but it is wonderfully rewarding! Creating a breed will take several generations of breeding and possibly several months. The ability to submit a new breed is a perk for upgraded accounts; however, you only need to be upgraded at the time you are ready to submit the breed, not while you are working on it.

Essentially, what you need to do to create a breed is create two starter dogs of your new breed (a male and a female), who have the same genotype and major, minor and low stats, all of which are different from every existing breed; and both dogs must have their pedigree pages completely filled out, all with dogs who also have exactly the same genotype and major, minor and low, none of whom are inbred or repeat on the pedigree page of both the male and the female.

To create a new breed, you must have two starter dogs - one male, and one female. Both starter dogs must be mixed breed.

Both pedigree pages must be filled for each dog - This means the Detailed Pedigree you can view on the History tab of your dog's page must have no ancestors marked "Unknown." Only the visible pedigree matters here, not any ancestors further than the pedigree page shows.

These two dogs cannot share ancestry (the same dog on both Detailed Pedigrees), and neither starter dog can be inbred - Inbreeding is explained in depth below.

The starter dogs must have matching major, minor, and low statistics.

That major, minor, and low combination of statistics must be unique from all other breeds - Check the Breed List before you start working on your breed to pick out the stats you want to aim for.

Both starter dogs must have matching genetic codes.

The genetic code must be unique from all other breeds - Again, check the Breed List to make sure your new breed will be physically unique. You will probably want to choose your desired major, minor and low first, and see which breeds you can cross to get you there, and note what the combinations might look like.

Each genotype within the genetic code must be homozygous (or equal to each other) - This means, for example, if your breed has smooth coats, every dog must have CsCs, never Cscf.

All dogs listed on both starter dogs' pedigrees (a.k.a. "ancestors") must be mixed breed - Again (and the same also goes for the following three points!), only the visible Detailed Pedigree matters of your two starter dogs, not any dog further back.

No ancestor can be inbred.

All ancestors must have the same major, minor, and low statistics as both starter dogs.

All ancestors must have the same genetic code as both starter dogs.

The breed name must be unique.

Once you are ready to submit, you can give your new breed its own unique name, so people will always know it's yours! Player-created breeds will stock in the dog shop for anyone to buy under the "rare" frequency, at a cost of $500 each.

Timed Builds

Wait, it takes time? Real time? Just a little - it's never instant to hone your skills! Well, not usually.

Improving your musher stats is one of several tasks that take some extra real time to complete. Most of these are things that, in real life, are extensive projects that take a long time to complete (such as improving your kennel). Here are the things that require you to wait while your upgrade is completed and the calculation for times required for each level:

  • Increasing your musher stats - New level x 7 hours 12 minutes
  • Job promotions - New level x 7 hours 12 minutes
  • Increasing the size of your kennel - New level x 1 hour 12 minutes
  • Increasing the size of your job - New level x 1 hour 12 minutes

Bank Accounts

You can access the Bank by clicking your on-hand gold amount displayed on the sidebar, or from the Explore page. Here you can deposit your money for safekeeping and transfer gold and diamonds to other players. Depending on your type of bank account, you may also be able to earn weekly interest, which you also pick up at the bank.

The bank offers two types of accounts: savings and checking. Each account type has advantages and disadvantages. Before you open an account, please take a moment to review them.

Savings Checking
Pros Cons Pros Cons
0.001% Weekly Interest on Gold 5 Transfers p/Week Unlimited Transfers No Interest
--- $100 Minimum Balance Borrow $1,000 Gold ---
Note: If you have events turned on in your Profile Settings, you may randomly encounter pickpocketing animals! It's best to keep most of your money in the bank, except for what you need for everyday tasks.

The Trading Post

The Trading Post is where all the business takes place on GoneMushing! If you want to buy, sell or trade anything at all, this is the place to do it. You can access the Trading Post from the Explore page, or from the Search page. Search options that will show you available trades include:

Searching for Trades, which gives you many options to narrow your search by, including what types of items are being offered, and a specific user's trades

Searching for Items for Sale, which can show you all relevant items both in trades and in user merchants' shops

Searching for Dogs and then ticking the box to show you only dogs matching your search critera that are up for trade

Searching for Teams, which gives you the option to only see whole teams up for trade

Searching for Sleds, which gives you the option to only see sleds up for trade

From the Trading Post page, you can search trades, create a new trade, and view and manage your trades and your offers.

There are three types of trades:

  • Auction (Normal) - allows you to review each offer, and manually pick a winner. If you set a price in gold or diamonds, the bidder will not be able to offer less than the specified amount(s).
  • Auction (Or Best Offer) - is like an auction in that you still manually review each offer. However now if you set a price in gold or diamonds, the bidder may offer less than what you're asking.
  • Buy Now - can only be used when you are asking a set amount of gold and/or diamonds. You don't control who will win the trade - it's first come, first serve at the price you set.
  • Your Offer
    - After you've picked which type of trade suits your needs, you may then decide what you'd like to offer. You can choose to offer gold, diamonds, items, dogs, teams, sleds, or any combination of the six! For instance, you may choose to sell a dog with the food that it eats (if no other dogs in your kennel need that particular brand).

    You can even choose to trade your account ID number by choosing "Yes" in that field. Since you can only have one account on GoneMushing, and are not allowed to sell or trade your account, this function allows you to safely and easily swap ID numbers with another player if you want to! The process is automatic once the trade is accepted, and you will still keep your same account, dogs, password information, and so on, but you will have a new ID number!

  • Asking For
    - Then, there are six similar fields which ask what you would like in exchange for your trade. If you choose not to ask for items, dogs, teams, or sleds, then bidders will not be allowed those options in their form. Players will always be able to offer gold and diamonds.
  • Other Info
    - The last two fields are Preview and Comments, and this is where you can enter any special instructions or information about the trade.
    • Preview - This where you can type a short description of what you're selling, or maybe a note if you intend the trade for a specific person. This field is searchable, so it's a good idea to put something in here describing the contents of your trade so people can see it at a glance.
    • Comments - This larger field is simply for any comments or special instructions that you may have!

Once you click "Create Trade," you will be shown a confirmation page so you can confirm your choices, and enter your password for safety. Once you're all done, you'll be linked to your trade and it will now show up under My Trades.

If you want to create a trade for someone special, just select one of the Auction options and message them a link to the trade. If anyone else bids on your trade, you can just ignore or delete their offers. You can advertise or view other players' trade ads on the Advertising Board!

When you bid on a trade, you will be able to choose what you want to offer and make comments to the seller, and you can also view any other offers on an auction. You can delete your offers at any time while an auction is open, and if you bid again with a higher gold/diamond amount, the new offer will replace your old bid.

  • The Image Gallery - If you are artistically inclined, the Image Gallery is always looking for new dog art for everyone to use! You can submit images for a pure breed, or for mixed dogs, as long as you depict body genetics that exist on GoneMushing. Remember that all art you submit must be your own. You can earn rewards of experience, gold, or diamonds for your submissions!

  • The Arcade

    If you're feeling bored or simply hoping to get lucky and win some gold, the Arcade has an attraction for you! You can find the Arcade on the Explore page, and it currently offers four mini-games:

    • Rock, Paper, Scissor - This is a simple game you play against a virtual opponent. Pick your move and make a wager, and if you beat the computer, you earn money equal to whatever you wagered! Likewise, you'll lose your wager if the computer defeats you, and you'll neither lose nor gain any money if you reach a draw.
    • Prize Wheel - The prize wheel is exciting, free game that you can play once every day. Simply spin the wheel and you could win up to $1,000!
    • Lottery - Do you feel lucky? Try your hand at GoneMushing's site-wide lottery! Every Sunday at midnight, a winner is chosen, and it can't be you if you don't enter! The more tickets you buy, the higher your chance of winning, and the larger the prize pot grows.
    • Slot Machine - The slot machine can be a musher's ruin, but you also have the chance to win great cash prizes, even the fabulous jackpot, which grows every time someone plays the game.
  • Charity & The Gifting Tree

    Are you down to your last piece of gold? Don't worry-- your fellow mushers are kind people, and we have two different measures in place to help you get back on your feet.

    • The Charity Foundation - GoneMushing has our very own charity to help needy mushers, and it can be accessed on the Explore page. Anyone with less than $2,000 total in their account is eligible to accept a cash donation of $1,000, and there is no limit to the amount of times you can collect when you are in need, except that you cannot collect more often than once an hour. The charity foundation is funded solely by your fellow mushers, so if you have some cash to spare, think about making a donation to the charity!
    • The Gifting Tree - You don't have to be in need to make a trip to the Gifting Tree, a very special Sitka Spruce where players leave items they no longer want, and others can pick them up to take home. This is where all the items players discard will end up. Anyone can take an item from the tree, but not more often than once an hour!

    Diamonds & Upgraded Accounts

    Apart from gold, the other currency GoneMushing uses is Diamonds, a special currency that you can purchase with real money or trade for with large amounts of experience. 1 Diamond costs $1 USD or 100,000 EXP. You can get to the Diamond Center by clicking your diamond amount on the sidebar, or from the Explore page. Diamonds can be used to purchase account upgrades and special items, as well as remove the waiting time on things like kennel constuction and job promotions!

    Account upgrades can be purchased in 30 day, 90 day, or 1 year increments, and they offer many special perks!
    • Ability to use BBcode in nickname, kennel name, job name, dog names, team names, and sled names
    • More experience gained for being online (+5 EXP every 30 minutes, versus +1 EXP for normal accounts)
    • More energy gained while online (+15% energy every 30 minutes, versus +10% energy)
    • Ability to keep 2 puppies from a litter (versus 1 puppy)
    • No limit on kennel size (versus limited to size 20)
    • May open a second job
    • May create a breed
    • May find Four Leaf Clovers
    • May receive Magic Sparkle Dust
    • Increased message (300, vs 200) & inventory quotas (2,000 items vs 1,000 for normal accounts)
    • Ability to use a custom text color in the chatroom
    • No EXP cap (as opposed to cap of 500,000 unused EXP in your account)

    There are also other small features here and there, with more always being worked in!

    Note that you will receive a one-week warning before your upgrade expires. If your upgrade expires, you will lose these perks, including your second job. However, if you had already chosen to keep two puppies from a litter before your upgrade expires, you will still keep them, but you will not be able to select two afterward.

    Special Items

    You already know about the everyday items you can find at K-9 Mart, like bowls and collars, but did you also know that we also have a variety of interesting special items on GoneMushing that do unique things?

    Let's talk about some of these!

    Some special items are things you may simply find around the site as you go about your business, when you click on an alert that tells you you've spotted something interesting on the ground! It may seem strange to you to feed your dogs something you found on the ground, but don't worry! It's clean snow.

    • Whistles - Using a whistle will make your dog's energy 100% full.
    • Health Supplements - A health supplement will add randomly +1 to one of your dog's health stats.
    • Vitamins - A vitamin will add +1 to your dog's current immunity points.

    Then there are special items you can purchase with diamonds, or find if you have an upgraded account, and the special items given out during GoneMushing's holiday celebrations!

  • Clovers - One of the benefits to having an upgraded account is the ability to find Four Leaf Clovers, a special item that can be tied to your sled's luck item slot to add +5 to your sled score. Each clover is good for one race, before it falls off and you lose it. Clovers are chance appearances like the items above, and they will appear to you hidden randomly anywhere on any page as a very tiny green image that you must click to collect the item. You may not have known this, but clovers are slippery, wily little flora, and can be very difficult to spot, depending on where they are hiding! They are much easier to spot on the white parts of the page rather than on top of images. Clovers will always be displayed on top of every other page element, so they cannot hide behind the navigational drop-downs, for example.

  • Here is a very handy Clover Test Page, which shows you what clovers look like and where they might hide. Every time you refresh that page, there will be a clover displayed somewhere on it, so you can use that to sharpen your clover spotting skills! The clovers on that page are not real, however.

  • Other Luck Items Other luck items can be purchased with diamonds, and like clovers these are good for one race, can be added to your sled's luck item slot, and add a varying amount to your sled score. Unless it's near a holiday and the diamond center is currently selling special holiday items, the diamond center always sells a random luck item and a random totem each week.

  • Totems - Totems are a different kind of special item that you can buy at the diamond center. These temporarily boost one of your team's stats by +5 for one race when added to the totem slot on your sled. The different totems boost stats as follows:

    • Owl - Intelligence
    • Hare - Speed
    • Horse - Stamina
    • Bear -Strength
    • Hound - Obedience
  • Magic Sparkle Dust - Another perk of having an upgraded account is the possibility of being graced with Magic Sparkle Dust! This unique item is unlike the others in that you can't actually sell, buy, or use it: instead, it will randomly switch between upgraded accounts every day at midnight, and while it is in your inventory, you have the special ability to use one of the default businesses for free for a day! You'll receive an alert if you have been blessed with the dust that day, but you won't know which job you have the benefit for this time until you try it!

  • Other Items! - This is only scratching the surface! There are many other special items, such as the ones given out at GoneMushing's holiday celebrations, and these have all different kinds of interesting effects! If you want to know what something does - don't be afraid to try it! When GoneMushing celebrates a holiday, you'll receive a news alert of the celebration! You'll have to go there to click to receive your special items. For about a week after a holiday, the diamond center will sell those holiday items for diamonds, in case you missed the celebration or would like more of them.

  • Special items are pretty awesome, aren't they? But they wouldn't be special if you used them all the time. To keep things fair, any race in which you use a special luck or totem item that boosts your sled or team score is counted as a special race. You are limited to 5 special races per week, and these are displayed for your information on your recent races page.

    Special items are highly desirable and in high demand from other players, and some are not difficult to acquire, so consider selling or trading some special items for profit!


    We've mentioned them before, but what are events? Events are little, fun occurances that can randomly appear at the top of the page you're browsing, but beware: some are more fun than others!

    Some types of events you may encounter:
    • Mushing fun facts!
    • Alerts letting you know about dogs or litters needing care
    • Found money! Finders keepers!
    • Lost money! GoneMushing seems to harbor a population of wily pickpocketing forest critters! These animals will take a set percentage of your on-hand money if you encounter them, so it's best to keep the majority of your money in the bank for safekeeping. You probably wouldn't walk around with all your savings in your pockets in real life, either!
    • Finding items on the ground, like whistles, health supplements and vitamins!

    If you do not wish to see these, you can turn all of them off on your Edit Profile page. However, even though you won't encounter any more thieving animals, you also will no longer find money or special items.

  • Useful Settings & Features

    There are some other useful account settings and odds-and-ends worth mentioning that can improve your experience on GoneMushing, so let's talk about them!

    The handy sidebar on all pages can do a lot for you! Aside from showing you your profile, current level, experience and on-hand gold and diamond totals, it provides a number of useful links at your fingertips!

    • Recent Races - This workhorse of a page will quickly become a musher's best friend. Here you can view the progress and the results of every race your teams are entered to, or have finished in the last 10 days. You can also cancel race entries and view any DQ flags from this page.

    • Messages - This is simply the center for all your private messages!

    • Contacts - Do you want to have your friends' player IDs at the ready? Or maybe you want to remember someone you agreed to sell a puppy or some art to. This feature will help you out with that, and it also includes the date you added that player to your contact list, and a space for notes.

    • Ignore - From the Contacts page you can also reach a page for Ignored Players. Does another player annoy you? You can use this feature so you never have to see anything they say. Adding a player to your ignore list will block all communication with them. Players on your ignore list won't be able to view your birthday, gender, location, kennel description, or trades and threads created by you. You won't be able to see their trades, threads, comments, or chat comments. Additionally, you cannot exchange messages with anyone you're ignoring. Like Contacts, there are also fields for the date you started ignoring a player, and for notes to yourself. You cannot ignore moderators.

    • Activity - The lowly Activity page may not seem like the life of the party, but it is indispensible! Here you can view every alert you have received or sent, sortable by every category, from the last 15 days.

    • Support Center - If you're having any kind of trouble that requires the attention of a moderator or admin, submit a support ticket here and someone will assist you as soon as they can. Please note that bug reports instead belong on the Bug Board, and gameplay questions belong on the Help Board on the message boards. You do not need to be logged in or a member in good standing to submit a support ticket.

    Then there are more useful features accessible from the drop-downs at the top of your screen, under the cute doggies.

    • News - You can view GoneMushing updates from "News" on the header. You will receive an alert when a new news post is added.

    • Development - Under the same "News" drop-down, you can keep track of Developments, which are bug fixes and small site changes that don't warrant a full news post. If you don't want to receive alerts for developments, you can turn off the option under Edit Profile. You can also use Edit Profile to change a variety of account settings.

    • Item Inventory - You can find your inventory under the "Manage" drop-down, and this is simply where all your items are stored. Helpfully, you can view them by item category, and it tells you how much you have filled your inventory quota already.

    • Account Verification - Because you are allowed only one account on GoneMushing and some people share computers with friends or family or use public networks, there is a feature called Account Verification, accessible under the "Manage" drop-down, in place so that you can prove you are a unique person. This function will text a unique code to your mobile phone for you to enter as verification. It is not necessary to verify yourself if you are the only person using your computer, but it's a good idea in case the situation ever arises. If you do not have a mobile phone or otherwise cannot use this function, and you share an IP address with another player, you will need to contact staff to verify yourself in another way.

    • Disciplinary Record - If you ever receive disciplinary action from staff, you can view your Record under the "Manage" drop-down.

    • Chatroom and Message Boards - Both of these are accessible from the "Connect" drop-down, as well as the list of online players. Want to make new friends, ask questions, or just chat? These are great places to shoot the breeze with your fellow mushers.

    And there's one last special account feature we haven't yet discussed - badges!

  • Badges - Badges are fun little notations that show off your achievements, and all the different things you've done on your time on GoneMushing! You can view all the badges you've earned on your profile, or you can view the badges other players have earned from their profile pages. You won't know what each is for until you earn it, and once you earn a new one, you can mouse over it to get a description of how you earned it! There are many different badges that can be earned for all sorts of activities. Try out everything on GoneMushing and see what you can earn! You may also want to look at other players' profiles to try to guess what different badges are for.