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GoneMushing is an online game where you can raise sled dogs and compete against other players to become the best musher of all time! Train your dogs to their fullest potential, arrange them into teams, and race them in real time for experience and prizes. Mix and match breeds to develop the best combination of statistics or to create your own new breed of sled dog! Play your way, and develop your own secret strategy to become the ultimate dog driver—join today to experience our realistic gameplay, and to become a part of our active and friendly community.

We are currently a private game. This means that we're not now, or planning to be, open for general public registration. What this doesn't mean is that you're not allowed to join! You can either purchase an activation code for $5 USD using the dialog to the left, sign up for our mailing list to maybe get free codes in the future, or hop onto our Discord for raffles to win codes and upgrade time.

This game is also currently in a state of active development! That means that, while most of the game mechanics are pretty set, we'll be adding features, items, and balances as they become obvious. But you're a part of this, too—we want to hear your ideas for new things as well as your opinions on our current features. Without players we don't have a game, you matter!