Terms of Service

Table of Contents

Section I – Opening Remarks

Please read this article in full! If you are under the age of eighteen years old, please read this document with your parent or legal guardian. This page contains very important information!

GoneMushing.com (hereafter referred to as “GoneMushing” or “Website” or “Site” or “Game”) is a privately owned and operated website. The Game and all related content is the property of the sole owner of the Website (hereafter referred to as “I” or “Me” or “My”).

The following is an agreement between you and I which declares the rules and policies that are applicable whenever you visit or play GoneMushing (collectively referred to as “Terms of Service”). By visiting or using this Website, or by accepting these Terms of Service through marking a checkbox, you signify your acceptance of this document in its entirety.

Section II – About GoneMushing

GoneMushing is not affiliated with any other company, or website.

GoneMushing is an interactive web browser game that simulates objectives relevant to owning, racing, and breeding sled dogs. The subject matter related to the plot of the Game (including currency, animals, items, brands, events, people, community, and etcetera) is fictional and retains absolutely no value outside of this Website. Therefore, you cannot sell fictitious game material (including gold, diamonds, dogs, teams, items, and etcetera) for United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, Japanese Yen, or any other foreign exchange.

The framework of the Game, and all other content on this Website is copyrighted to Me. You may not use, save, copy, alter, modify, reproduce, distribute, trade, lease, sell, plagiarize, pilfer, hotlink or bootleg any text, software, script, formula, file, design, image, artwork, or illustration that you find on GoneMushing.

The Game is provided to you as is, and all decisions regarding the subject matter and availability of the Game are at My final discretion. GoneMushing is not obligated to make updates, or continue any services provided. The Website may be altered, removed, made inaccessible, or completely terminated at any time, including without warning, explanation, or compensation.

You assume complete responsibility for your actions on the Site, and any material (including text, links, images, artwork, files, scripts, and etcetera) that you upload onto the Site.

You agree to allow GoneMushing to collect and monitor your IP address, and place cookies on to your computer.

You are using the Game at your own risk. GoneMushing and I will not be held liable or provide compensation for, any damage, loss, and/or harm, whether physical, emotional, or intellectual, which may occur as a result of accessing this Website.

An account is a free profile that is used to access additional pages and exclusive features on the Game. If you are legally capable of accepting these Terms of Service, you are not barred from this service by law, and you are at least thirteen (13) years old, then you may create an account by visiting http://www.gonemushing.com/register.php. In exchange for access to an account on GoneMushing, I require that you adhere to these Terms of Service in their entirety.

Section III – The Rules

Accessing an account is a privilege that may be revoked if you fail to adhere to these Terms of Service. A “moderator” is a person, being at least eighteen (18) years of age, which has volunteered to manage player content and enforce these Terms of Service. Moderators have special account features, which give them the authority to reprimand rule breakers, and penalize accounts with warnings, fines, restrictions, suspensions, or deactivation. Each violation of these Terms of Service is unique, and every offense will, therefore, be handled individually and on a case-by-case basis. The following is an outline of the rules which are applicable whenever you are playing GoneMushing.

1. Don't dis the Game

     • 1a. You cannot slander, defame, or otherwise damage My reputation, or the reputation of the Website.

     • 1b. Respect the authority of the moderators, and Me.

     • 1c. Do not pretend to be a moderator, or Me.

     • 1d. You cannot sell fictitious game material (including gold, diamonds, dogs, teams, items, and etcetera) for United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, Japanese Yen, or any other foreign exchange.

     • 1e. You cannot use software, scripts, or any third party program to complete Game objectives.

2. Report bugs, don't abuse them

A “bug” is any error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in the framework of the Game. If you find a bug, you must report it by visiting http://www.gonemushing.com/boards.php?id=3&action=new. Do not intentionally use a bug in any unfair or fraudulent way. If you think that you may have accidently abused a bug, include that information in your report.

3. One account per person

Each person can create one account. You cannot sell, trade, or otherwise exchange your account. Sharing an account between multiple people is strictly prohibited.

4. Treat other people with due care

     • 4a. No instigating fights.

     • 4b. Do not intentionally upset, annoy, or otherwise bullying other people.

     • 4c. No intentionally ostracizing other people from community activities.

     • 4d. Do not defame, or otherwise damage the reputation of another person.

     • 4e. No discrimination based on account type, age, color, creed, disability, employment, gender, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

     • 4f. Do not make sexual advancements towards another person.

     • 4g. Avoid the use of excessive capital letters, and low contrast font colors.

     • 4h. Do not attempt to defraud another person by gaining their confidence, or by otherwise scamming them.

     • 4i. No flooding, or otherwise intentionally posting rapid replies so that other people cannot add to a conversation.

     • 4i. Avoid advertising in the chatroom, and through spamming other players with messages.

5. Don't share personal information

Information that cannot be shared includes:

     • Full names

     • Social security numbers

     • Street addresses

     • Phone numbers

     • Email addresses

     • Financial information (including banking credentials, and credit card information)

     • Passwords

     • Photographs, or videos featuring yourself or other players

6. Don't upload abusive content

Any material that you upload onto GoneMushing (including links) cannot include:

     • Profanity

     • Sexual content (including innuendos, genitalia, and pornography)

     • Graphic content (including violence, gore, and disturbing images)

     • Illegal drugs

     • Alcohol, drug or substance abuse

     • Illegal distribution of copyrighted materials

     • Prejudice, racism, or offensive stereotypes

     • Anything that may alter the intended version of the Game

     • Viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, malware, or other malicious computer software

7. Be mindful of what you discuss here

Topics that CANNOT ever be discussed:

     • Abortion

     • Illegal drugs

     • Drug abuse

     • Alcohol abuse

     • Gangs

     • Puberty

     • Sex

     • Rape

     • Self-harm

     • Suicide

Topics that may be discussed, providing the topic does not anger, annoy, offend, or upset any people subjected to the conversation:

     • Politics (including conspiracy theories concerning political events)

     • Religion

8. Don't sell or stud your real pets on GoneMushing

You cannot not use this Website to trade, lease, sell, barter, give-away, or otherwise exchange or breed real animals.

Section IV – Sending Payments to GoneMushing

By sending a payment of real currency to GoneMushing, you signify that:

1. You are authorized to send a payment to GoneMushing for the amount specified.

2. You understand that all sales are final, and that GoneMushing has no cancellation or refund policy.

3. You understand that all payment transaction issues should be address to Me.

4. You understand that online payments sent to purchases@gonemushing.com are processed automatically. If for whatever reason your order does not process correctly, please email admin@gonemushing.com from your email address on file with the payment.

5. You understand that payments sent through postal mail are done so at your own risk. GoneMushing cannot be held liable for lost, stolen, damaged, or unmarked payments.

6. You understand that sending a payment to GoneMushing does not exempt you from adhering to any of the rules outlined in these Terms of Service.

Section V – Closing Remarks

I may edit these Terms of Service at any time. It is your responsibility to occasionally check this document for changes. Updates will be colored in red font color.

Failure to comply with these Terms of Service may result in the permanent revoking of your one and only account.