Game Manual
Notice! The manual is NOT FINISHED! The information seen here cannot yet be guaranteed, and you should ask the community for clarifications in the meantime.

About GoneMushing

GoneMushing is a brand new, online game where you can raise sled dogs, and compete against other players to become the best musher of all time! Train your dogs to their fullest potential, arrange them into teams, and race them in real time for experience and prizes. Mix and match breeds to develop the best combination of statistics, or to create your own new breed of sled dog! Play your way, and develop your own secret strategy to become the ultimate dog driver!


  • GoneMushing is owned and programmed by Bright Eyes (#1).
  • Volk (#2) has secretly been a great help to this game.
  • The first code ever written for GoneMushing was its race script.
  • The domain name was registered June 8, 2012.
  • GoneMushing entered private Pre-Alpha testing on August 22, 2012.
  • We had 59 members during Pre-Alpha testing.
  • GoneMushing entered public Alpha testing on August 23, 2013.
  • We have 1,085 members now, 14 of which are upgraded.
  • The game has had 16 mushers log on today.
  • GoneMushing has 14,580 dogs. 2,109 of these dogs are active, while 12,471 are retired.
  • Of those 2,109 active dogs, 299 are mixed bred. 1,810 of our active dogs are purebred.
  • There are 14 breeds in the game (including "Mixed").

Your Account

Your account is a free profile that is used to access additional pages and exclusive features on the Game. You cannot play the game without an account. You can only have one account, and you are not allowed to sell or trade it.

Account Memberships

GoneMushing has several different and distinct types of membership. Your membership will affect the features and pages that you may use on the game.


A Normal membership is what every player originally starts off with. A Normal account has basic access to the game, without any special bells or whistles.


An Upgraded membership can be purchased with Diamonds. These accounts have access to special features and pages that Normal accounts cannot use.

  • BBcode allowed in nickname, kennel name, job name, dog names, team names, and sled names.
  • More experience gained for being online (5 EXP every 30 minutes, versus 1 EXP).
  • More energy gained while online (15% energy every 30 minutes, versus 10% energy).
  • Keep x2 puppies from a litter (versus x1 puppy).
  • Infinite kennel size (versus limited to size 20).
  • May open a second job.
  • May create a breed.
  • May find Four Leaf Clovers.
  • Increased message & inventory quotas.
  • Custom chat color.
  • No experience cap (as opposed to 500,000 EXP cap).

Restricted, Suspended, & Deactivated

Restricted, Suspended, and Deactivated memberships are given to players who have broken the rules in some capacity. Restricted accounts do not have access to any communication features on the site, including messages, the Message Boards, and the Chatroom. Accounts with a suspended or deactivated membership cannot access any pages on the game. The difference between the latter two is that Suspended memberships are temporary, whereas Deactivation is permanent.


Your membership can be Verified by using a cell phone to confirm that you are a unique human being. You can do this by visiting the Account Verification Page. You may be asked to Verify your membership if more than one user appears linked to your IP address. Once Verified, your phone number is deleted from our database to ensure your privacy.


A moderator is a person, being at least eighteen (18) years of age, who has volunteered to manage player content and enforce the Terms of Service. Moderators have special account features, which give them the authority to reprimand rule breakers, and penalize accounts with warnings, fines, restrictions, suspensions, or deactivation. You can think of mods as being the "police officers" of GoneMushing.

There are several types of mods, and this helps break-up our work load. It also ensure that GoneMushing has checks and balances within its authority system. Some moderators may be in charge of handling certain situations, while others are equipped to supervise different aspects of the game. In general, you do not need to worry about the differences between mods. You should show any mod the same level of respect that you would give to any other. If you have a problem that requires the attention of any type of Mod, please submit a ticket to the Support Center. From there, we'll make sure that your report gets into the right hands.

Super Mods

Super Mods are here to mediate disputes between players and Mods, and between Mods and Admins. They have the exclusive ability to expunge warnings created by Mods, demote Mods, and add players to the Blacklist. Super Mods may also manage many game features, including the News Section and the Profanity Filter.


Mods are here to mediate disputes between players. Should a situation arise in which you do not feel comfortable addressing a problem yourself, the Mods are here to help you. They have arsenal of special features which allow them enforce the rules by warning, fining, restricting, suspending, or deactivating accounts (among other things). Mods also manage several game features, including the Image Gallery, Polls, Contests, and Chat Announcements.

New Mods

New Mods should be considered Mods in training. Like Mods, they are here to mediate disputes between players. They have access to many of the same features and pages that Mods do, with some limitations.

Retired Mods

Retired Mods may participate in conversations between Mods, but they do not have any other special account features. A Retired Mod cannot fine, warn, restrict, suspend, or deactivate your account. They do not have special access to the Support Center. This title exists so that Mods who are no longer active can voluntarily (and respectfully) step-down from their position.

Becoming a Mod

Occasionally GoneMushing adds new Mods to the game. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, then please click here to inquire.