Website Credits

Contributing Players

Below is a list of people who have helped make GoneMushing happen. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Bright Eyes (#1)
Owner. Administrator. Research. Design. Original Development.
V O L K (#2)
Manager. Administrator. Technical Support. Secondary Design. Current Primary Development. Consultant.
invi (#7)
Layout Design.
Fez (#55)
Layout Illustrations.
Sickboy (#54)
Item Illustrations.
Guinness (#36)
Item Illustrations.
omgtain (#86)
Item Illustrations.
Leafy (#552)
Item Illustrations.
Rabbit (#76)
Item Illustrations. Miscellaneous Illustrations.
Mecha (#48)
Item Illustrations. Miscellaneous Illustrations.
DeRais (#463)
Item Illustrations.
Comatose (#540)
Item Illustrations.
Zei (#29)


Below is a list of moderators. Their vigorous testing and loyalty have helped turn GoneMushing into what it is today!

Bytail (#985)
Super Mod
dene (#361)
Super Mod
Dakota (#442)
New Mod
eevax (#8)
Retired Mod
invi (#7)
Retired Mod
Leto (#4)
Retired Mod

Other Contributions

These contributors may not play the game, but they deserve a special shout-out!

Wonderful illustrator, responsible for the following images: NPC Portraits, Vet Clinic, Craftman Workshop
An amazing bootstrap.
FatCow Web Hosting
An awesome icon set.
Depositphotos, Bigstock
Stock illustrations used around the site.

But most of all...

You! Without players, a game is just some words typed into a computer somewhere. You're the heart and soul of the game—without you, it wouldn't exist!