Website Credits

Contributing Players

Below is a list of people who have helped make GoneMushing happen. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Bright Eyes (#1)
Owner. Administrator. Research. Design. Original Development.
V O L K (#2)
Administrator. Technical Support. Current Primary Development. Consultant.
invi (#7)
Layout Design.
Fez (#55)
Layout Illustrations.
Sickboy (#54)
Item Illustrations.
Guinness (#36)
Item Illustrations.
omgtain (#86)
Item Illustrations.
Leafy (#552)
Item Illustrations.
Rabbit (#76)
Item Illustrations. Miscellaneous Illustrations.
Mecha (#48)
Item Illustrations. Miscellaneous Illustrations.
DeRais (#463)
Item Illustrations.
★Comatose★ (#540)
Item Illustrations.
Zei (#29)


Below is a list of moderators. Their vigorous testing and loyalty have helped turn GoneMushing into what it is today!

dene (#361)
Super Mod
Bytail (#985)
eevax (#8)
Retired Mod
invi (#7)
Retired Mod
Leto (#4)
Retired Mod

Other Contributions

These contributors may not play the game, but they deserve a special shout-out!

An amazing bootstrap.
FatCow Web Hosting
An awesome icon set.
Depositphotos, Bigstock
Stock illustrations used around the site.

But most of all...

You! Without players, a game is just some words typed into a computer somewhere. You're the heart and soul of the game, and without you, it wouldn't exist.