Game Manual
Notice! The manual is NOT FINISHED! The information seen here cannot yet be guaranteed, and you should ask the community for clarifications in the meantime.


Jobs are one of the primary, and stablest, ways of earning money on GoneMushing! You can sign up for a new job at the Career Agency. It costs 100 EXP to sign up for your first job.

You can change your job at any time at the career agency for 1000 EXP, but you will lose all your progress and all the EXP you spent on the first career, and you will start over from rank 1. No career is a bad choice, so think carefully about doing this.

Daily Salary

Every day, you can collect your daily salary at the career agency, so don't forget! It might not seem like so much when you start out, but the higher you advance on the career ladder, the larger your paycheck will get.

Job Ranks

When you start a new job, you begin at the lowly rank of 1, but you can raise yourself through the ranks over time! Each time you earn a promotion you net a $2,500 cash bonus, and with each additional rank, you get a better discount in the default services or items in the job you are working towards. When you reach rank 10 you will be able to open your very own public business! A public business works like the default businesses, but with certain benefits and prices you can choose yourself, and your own business is always open and free for your personal use. It costs $25,000 and 50,000 EXP to open a public business once you reach rank 10.

It requires more experience for each promotion as you rise through the job ranks. But how much? To help you plan, here are the experience costs for each rank:

Rank Experience Required for Promotion
Rank 2 2,200 EXP
Rank 3 4,400 EXP
Rank 4 6,600 EXP
Rank 5 8,800 EXP
Rank 6 11,000 EXP
Rank 7 13,200 EXP
Rank 8 15,400 EXP
Rank 9 17,600 EXP
Rank 10 19,800 EXP

Managing Your Public Business

Once you have a public business, you can click to view and manage it from the Career Agency. There you can set whether or not it is open to the public, what hours it keeps, set its name and description that your customers will see, and manage your prices and the business's size. This is also where you can go to collect the earnings in your till.

Note: Each business has a set minimum and maximum you can charge for prices. If you try to set your fee too low or too high, it will automatically reset to this limit.

Business Size

Your business size determines how many customers you can serve in a day. This number starts quite small, but with some diligence, you can turn your little mom & pop into an empire capable of serving many customers a day. The construction to increase the size of your business costs some gold and EXP each time.

Note: "Customers" is defined as individual services performed, so for example if you are a Trainer, this means individual training sessions given, whereas if you are a Merchant, this means the number of items sold.
Once your business reaches its maximum amount of customers for the day, it will close immediately even if its open hours have not ended.

Job Upgrades

It becomes more expensive, and requires more experience, to expand your business as it grows larger. But how much? To help you plan, here are the costs to expand your business up to size 30:

Business Size Cost Per Upgrade
Size 2 1,000 EXP & $200
Size 3 1,500 EXP & $300
Size 4 2,000 EXP & $400
Size 5 2,500 EXP & $500
Size 6 3,000 EXP & $600
Size 7 3,500 EXP & $700
Size 8 4,000 EXP & $800
Size 9 4,500 EXP & $900
Size 10 5,000 EXP & $1,000
Size 11 11,000 EXP & $1,650
Size 12 12,000 EXP & $1,800
Size 13 13,000 EXP & $1,950
Size 14 14,000 EXP & $2,100
Size 15 15,000 EXP & $2,250
Size 16 16,000 EXP & $2,400
Size 17 17,000 EXP & $2,550
Size 18 18,000 EXP & $2,700
Size 19 19,000 EXP & $2,850
Size 20 20,000 EXP & $3,000
Size 21 31,500 EXP & $4,200
Size 22 33,000 EXP & $4,400
Size 23 34,500 EXP & $4,600
Size 24 36,000 EXP & $4,800
Size 25 37,500 EXP & $5,000
Size 26 39,000 EXP & $5,200
Size 27 40,500 EXP & $5,400
Size 28 42,000 EXP & $5,600
Size 29 43,500 EXP & $5,800
Size 30 45,000 EXP & $6,000
Beyond Size 30 And so on...
Note: The costs for kennel size and job size upgrades are the same!

Job Details

You can view more information about each job, including the starting and maximum salaries you can expect to earn, at the Career Info section of the career agency.

  • Trainer - You are a professional dog trainer! People bring their dogs to you to work on raising their dogs', or their teams', normal stats to their full potential. You have a better chance of improving dogs' training points than if players train their dogs themselves at the default training area, and the expert help of you and other rank 10 trainers with public training areas is the only way to raise a dog's train ability.

    If you have a public training area, customers will use your own training items rather than their own, so you need to make sure to buy lots of each type of training item and keep your inventory well-stocked. If you run out of a particular training item, customers will not be able to train their dogs in that stat until you restock for inventory.

    Tip: If a user's training area runs out of items, you can gift them the required item to keep using their area immediately!

    You will receive better discounts on training items in K-9 Mart as you increase your rank.

  • Breeder - You are a professional dog breeder! People go to your breeder's den when they want the best from their litters! You have a better chance of breeding out the Low stat in puppies than the default breeder, and only with your experience and care can players breed larger litters of 4-10 puppies, rather than the default breeder's 2-4 puppies per litter.

    You will receive better discounts on the default breeder's services as you increase your rank.

  • Veterinarian - You are a highly experienced and respected veterinarian! You are who people rely on for all their sled dogs' medical care. You can perform all the services the default vet can, and you can set your own prices. Like the other jobs, if you are at rank 10, you can use your own veterinary clinic to perform services on your own dogs anytime, for free.

    You will receive better discounts on the default veterinarian's services as you increase your rank.

  • Behaviorist - You are an expert dog behaviorist! You have the know-how and skills to bring out the best in any dog at your behaviorist's office, making them better team players. You are able to improve any adult dog's personality by a maximum of two levels, and you have a better chance of success than the default behaviorist.

    You will receive better discounts on the default behaviorist's services as you increase your rank.

  • Craftsman - You are a highly skilled craftsman! You sell sled parts at your craftsman's workshop and your nimble fingers can build and repair any sled in no time at all! You can perform all the services the default craftsman can, and you can set your own prices. In addition, you can repair and build your own sleds with no commission fee!

    Customers can bring their own sled parts for you to add to their sled, or they can buy them from you at the prices you set. You need to stock lots of different sled parts in your inventory to do this, so don't forget to check your inventory if you are a rank 10 craftsman.

    You will receive better discounts on sled parts at K-9 Mart as you increase your rank.

  • Merchant - You are a savvy and resourceful merchant! Your customers rely on you, because they know can find any item your customers need, and you can offer them better prices than K-9 Mart in your merchant's shoppe.

    You will receive better discounts on items (besides training items and sled parts) in K-9 Mart as you increase your rank. At rank 10 with a shoppe, you will be able to access the Warehouse, a place where you can buy goods at wholesale prices. At this point, your inventory can now also hold a maximum of 3000 items, rather than the usual 2000 for upgraded accounts or 1000 for normal accounts.

    Note: The Warehouse restocks every six hours, at 6:00 and 12:00.

Alternate Jobs

If you have an upgraded account, when you reach rank 10 in your job you will also have the ability to take on an alternate job. This second job does not have any waiting times attached to it for increasing ranks, costs the same amounts of EXP to level as your first job, offers no salary, but when you reach rank 10 in this alternate job, you can open another business, this time one that is private and can be used only by you. The benefit of this is another free business that is always open to you, so you do not have to rely on the default businesses or wait for other users to open theirs. Merchant cannot be an alternate career, as its benefits are always public. You cannot switch your original (public) and alternate (private) careers.