Hold up a minute!

Gone Mushing is currently offline for maintenance! Though unplanned, this will be giving the system a much-needed update that had been long delayed.

Don't worry about your dogs or litters - everything is sitting in stasis waiting for connection to be restored.
The update is taking longer than anticipated, but Gone Mushing will be back and hopefully working better than ever!
In the meantime, maybe check out our Discord? I would be happy to answer questions there. :) This page will be periodically updated, here is a list of what you can expect to get as a bonus when the site is back (this will be updated as time goes on and things will be added the longer it takes).

Everyone who logged in the week before the site went down through the day after will get these rewards. There will still be a one week easter event where you will still be able to find eggs and get the rewards as normal.